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Grandma Magic

Grandma Magic brings together 20 new pieces of writing by 20 Australian women writers. Some of them will be well known; others are exciting newcomers. Refreshing in their honesty and the passionate energy with which they have embraced their subject, these authors shine new lights on what it might mean to be or have a grandmother and put some different spins on an age-old relationship. They offer some surprising takes on the roles of grandmothers in our lives, and pull more than one grandmotherly skeleton out of the closet.”
– Janet Hutchinson, Commissioning Editor

What the reviewers say about Grandma Magic

“… it’s heartening that Sydney author Janet Hutchinson has compiled this anthology of women’s writing about grandmothers. It includes the first piece of published creative writing from Baby Love author Robin Barker: the expressive, impressive ‘The Other Grandmother’.”
– Sacha Molitorisz, Sydney Morning Herald, 16–17 May 2009

“Grandmas proved to be an inspired topic for Sydney writer Janet Hutchinson. It has provoked rich and sometimes challenging essays from 20 women writers …”
– Dianne Dempsey, The Age, 9 May 2009

Grandma Magic is a collection of tales about the love for grandmas, the joy of being a grandma and the sadness at losing a grandma … Janet Hutchinson has compiled this anthology of true stories written by … women who dispel the myth of grey-haired, cake-making, jumper-knitting grandmothers and share the tales of strong, independent women who have shaped each of their lives … These very personal tales range from amusing and irreverent to sad and nostalgic but all make the point that grandmothers may be a motley lot, capable of so much more than a badly knitted pair of socks or a rock-hard sponge cake!”– Your Life Choices Magazine

Grandma Magic is also available on CD. Read by Denise Kirby, Taylor Owynns, Cecily Polson & Jennifer Vuletic. Duration 3.5 hours approx. Go to Vision Australia.

Grandma Magic


Grandma magic: true stories by and about grandmothers